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Let’s make it Straightforward to save your time and energy..

A new online money making system that was just released last 20th of May 2013, is now viral.

This is the which promises you $1 Dollar per referral click.

We’ve sent team of our networks online to check the validity and reliability of this online money making system only to find out that the site is a SCAM.

When you reach a minimum amount of $20 and is due for withdrawal-as what they promised, they will channel you to several online surveys and forced you to subscribe to bunch of crap surveys provided by the CLUB E-Factory before you can “Allegedly” claim the said amount.. Their reason – to verify if you are really human.

Once you take the online survey they will automatically ask for your cellphone number then once they have already your number they will immediately send you a PIN code via your given mobile phone number as your so-called “KEY” in unlocking the Payment Request. However, the moment that you enter and submit the PIN CODE the CLUB E-Factory will immediately subscribes you to their so-called services that will cost you ranging from $1-$10 per day. This will be your recurring daily subscription fee automatically deducted to your pre-paid mobile phone or added to your mobile phone post paid plan -a clear upfront robbery..

In sum there is no such thing as REAL PAYMENT that you will get from for this site is truly a damn SCAM.  AVOID it..

Below is the picture of their landing page: (Click Image to ENLARGE)

SCAM VisitProfit

SCAM VisitProfit

Below is a picture when you reached the minimum $20 equivalent referral clicks SCAM SCAM

Even if you complete all of the surveys that will provide still you will be having the same screen above – NO STATUS UPDATE and YOU CAN NOT REQUEST FOR PAYMENT.. is a SCAM and to Prove me wrong try to send message using their  CONTACT US tab.. or try to know WHO IS: and you will be getting virtually NO INFORMATION at all…  except the time when they applied for their domain name.. is a SCAM don’t waste your time with this crap!  Please share..






  1. thanx buddy

  2. plz help me how i can withdrew my money..
    Already i complete the survey regarding page but the problem is status is not complete.
    i got $ 439 doller..

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