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Trichantera (Madre de Agua)


Trichantera gigantea, a fodder tree, also known as Nacedero or Madre de Agua. It was introduced into the country some years ago from Latin America (Columbia and Venezuela) and adapts well in local tropical conditions.

It can be planted to a wide range of soil types and elevations up to 1800 meters above sea level. It can be planted at low density at 6,700 cuttings per hectare.

It grows well easily between plantation crops and produces 40-60 tons per hectare.


The leaves of trichantera,is a potential source of protein, varying from 18-22 in dry matter form and apparently most of this protein are true protein and has a good amino
acid balance (Rosales,, 1989). It has 2.8% Crude Fat, 13.4% Crude, Fiber,19.7% Ash, and 37.0% NFE.

Propagation may be done through cuttings. The cuttings measuring 6-8 inches with 2 nodes are ideal as planting materials.
Cuttings can be grown in a plastic bag ( 10 inches x 6 inches) and allowed to grow in three (3) months before it can be transplanted to the field. However, it can be directly planted to the prepared field.



Young leaves can be offered to the pigs in fresh form. It can also be processed into leaf meal and use of ingredients in mash.


Trichantera leaves can replace about 20-30% of the commercial diet of growing-finishing pigs.

Six(6) kilograms of fresh leaves consumed by pigs per day is equivalent to 1 kg of mixed feeds saved.

Yes. It can be mixed to poultry diets (ducks, hens, quails, rabbits, and even to large (cattle and carabaos) and small ruminants (sheep and goats) feeds.

Partial replacement of mixed feeds with Trichantera gigantea give almost the same results in terms of weight gain, meat quality and income with those pigs given sole mixed feeds.


Starting March 30, 2012, Madre de Agua / Trichantera seedlings will be massively produced by and to be available for shipment sometime in May 20, 2012.  For those interested in having a seedling kindly contact us.

For Madre de Agua Cuttings just contact the Admin

If you want to know how to plant your madre de Agua  cuttings coming from, then try to visit the link below.

How To Plant Madre de Agua?

Source: Department of Agriculture – Davao Philippines.

  1. I am in Manila for the funeral of Father Erasio Flores tomorrow, Monday, May 2nd 3pm Christ the King. I would like to take cuttings of Madre de Agua back to Mindoro to the diocese eco farms. I stay at the Catholic Trade Center between LRT Tayuman and SM City San Lazaro until Tuesday May 3rd. My cel 09496936114 put madre de aqua in any text.

  2. I tried feeding fresh Madre de Agua to my Tilapia and I am now on the 1st month of monitoring their weight gain.

  3. May I know if you have other legumes. Do you have rensonii, indigofera and flamengia. How much is the cost of seeds

    • Yes, we have those plants including stylosanthes but unfortunately it is still in the production and rearing process.

      We usually don’t give price to our seeds since we do not sell them. However, we welcome donations in every service or seeds that we provide.

  4. Sir,

    May I know where you location is? I am interested in acquiring madre de agua and other materials for swine raising. Thanks

    • I am from Cagayan de Oro City. And if you want to know more about alternative or organic feeding for swine then watch out for the upcoming articles that we are going to publish here in

      • Thank you so much for your reply. I will be looking forward to your upcoming articles. Cagayan de Oro is a bit from from Manila. Would you know where I can get those seeds and / or cuttings for Madre de Agua and other plants. Thanks and God bless

        • I got my Madre de Agua cuttings from the City of Davao four years ago.

          If you really wanted to have Madre de Agua cuttings and that of Arachis Pintoi runners then we can ship it for you.

          We Normally charge the shipment cost to the requesting party together with a minimum fee to keep our workers happy. Feel free to contact us then.

          Kindly check our Green Store tab at the upper right corner of this site for updates about plants for alternative feeding.

      • sir san po ba kayo sa cagayan de oro balak ko po sana bumili ng madre de agua cuttings nyo malapit lang po kc ako sa cdo salamat sir

        • Hi!

          For your Madre de Agua cutting needs kindly contact this number: 09213227247 and look for Mr. Ben Barros.

  5. Hi,

    Could you please tell us the result of your feeding experiment to your tilapia with Madre de agua… Im also interested to cultivate this forage tree for pigs, goats and and broilers in our farm.

    • Hi!

      So far so good. This is my impression to Fresh Madre de Agua leaves as my substitute feed to Tilapia.

      I got an Excel Strain of Tilapia and their growth rate so far is roughly equivalent to that group given with commercial feeds. However, the advantages that I noticed so far in feeding Madre de Agua to my fish are 1. Great “tool” when it comes to cost cutting 2. The water quality is maintained almost as it is. Meaning, unlike the group fed by commercial feeds which water became somewhat having a pungent odor, group fed with madre de agua seems odorless.

  6. hi,

    I am from cebu and i am interested to have Madre de Agua cuttings and that of Arachis Pintoi runners.

    And how much is the fee?


    • We usually charge 45 pesos per bundle (1 bundle = 5 cuttings with 2-3 nodes each)and 300 pesos per kilo of arachis pintoi runners, excluding the shipment cost which is basically charge to the requesting party.

      Minimum Order : Madre de Agua = 1 bundle
      Arachis Pintoi = 1 kilo

      Via LBC, I think it will take only a maximum of 2 days which is an ideal time frame of planting both Madre de Agua and Arachis.

      • im interest to buy madre de agua… My location is antipolo… send me a mail here: tnx!!!

      • How do we make the Order and the payment please?

        Also, what would be the Freight Charges via LBC?

        Thank you


        • Cuttings can be delivered to you via LBC. Payment should be addressed to Benildo Barros c/o eco-Philippines Cagayan de Oro City via LBC Cash Padala or Mlhuillier and please don’t forget the Tracking Number. Price per bundle is Php55 excluding freight charges… Minimum Order is 5 bundles having an estimated total cost of Php900; For 10 bundles of madre de agua cuttings total estimated cost (including shipment) door to door delivery is Php1,700..

          • Hi, I would like to order Madre De Agua. Can you email me the payment and shipping details? Thank you in advance.

  7. i’m much interested in buying madre de agua cuttings, can you please email me how can i avail those? im in cebu in island of bantayan. the courier we have here is lbc.

    thank you very much

    • kindly check your invoice via the mail add that you have provided.

      • hi can i use money transfer?
        please send me details on my email, i’m really interested on this produt. thank you.

        • Yes, kindly check your mail, the details are already there. thank you

  8. Hi,

    Could you please give us an update on your experiment with tilapia feeding Madre de agua! I just bought and planted 400 well rooted cuttings in my farm, I bought the plants from San Rafael Bulacan, my contact is from nanaynotebook, very accomodating…

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • We will be posting the data of such experiment by the 30th of August 2011. So far, the tilapia are fine in terms of their trichantera feeding…

  9. Hi sir

    Im interested to buy madre d agua im from Cebu

    my email is /


  10. Hi I want to but 3 bundles of madre the agua

    How much it will cost if delivered to cebu


  11. hi im from catarman n. samar. i would to order 1 bundle of madre de agua cuttings.. how much? please email me..

    • Hi Joy,

      Thank You for visiting the site.. We would like to inform you that due to high demand of cuttings, we can no longer accommodate orders from this month up to December this year. However you can book for the said planting material and have it on the first week of January 2012.

  12. Thanks for the reply. ok i’ll wait for it. how can I book for the madre de agua cuttings?

    • I would recommend that you will book today for at least 10 bundles since these cuttings are coming from neighboring trichantera farmers. Our role here is just to facilitate the selling of trichantera as our means of helping the folks in Northern Mindanao.

  13. Hello!
    I am really interested in planting madre de agua for my piggery. Can I order two bundles of cutting? Please advice me how to order. My address is ..(details was deleted by the admin for security reasons). Thanks a lot.

    • Hi,

      Thank You for visiting

      You can order the 2 bundles at Php45/bundle but we would recommend to order at least 5 bundles since the freight charges of 2 bundles is equivalent to that of 5 bundles which is around Php350.

  14. I have already ordered 5 bundles and sent a money via Mlhuiller thru MR. Benildo Barros of Cagayan de Oro City. I would like to inquire from you if the name stated above has the authority from eco-philippines.
    Thank you

    • Hi,

      Yes, the above person is our contact person when it comes to Trichantera / Madre de Agua matters..

      Kindly forward your MLhuiller tracking code / transaction code to this number 0921-322-7247..

      ***Posting will be made two days after cleared payment.***

      Thank You

    • Hi Mr. Espra,

      Your 5 bundles of trichantera is now being delivered via LBC.

      Tracking code will be sent to your mobile phone..

      You can trace your package using the link below

  15. Im from Batac city,Ilocos norte.How can I order Madre de Agua Bundles.Thanks

  16. Attention:

    Due to recent policy changes of LBC pertaining to shipment of Seeds/Planting Materials, will also be changing it’s Trichantera cutting’s rate.

    This change of prices is due to the following:

    * All cuttings will be shipped to our end clients/costumers with the corresponding Department of Agriculture-Certificate and Permit to Ship.

    * Shipment freight Fee Increase.

    With this we are now implementing the minimum P550 freight charges (max. of 4 bundles) and a corresponding P100 per additional bundle thereof.

    Price of Trichantera is P50 per bundle.

    Thank You and God Bless

  17. Thank you. I have already received the five bundles of madre de agua from LBC.

    • Hi,

      The madre de agua was tightly packed to keep the required humidity. Plant the cutting materials within 5 hours after opening the package.

      Thank You and God Bless

  18. Hi,

    Am interested on purchasing madre de agua and other fodder plants if any. Please send me latest pricing requirement, money transfer and freight charge for Cebu shipment.

    Thx & God bless!

  19. i am from Isabel, Leyte. how can i buy the “cuttings” of madre de agua for planting?

    • Hi,

      Currently we are having hard time of producing new cuttings of Madre de Agua as planting material since the demand is at its peak. Hence, we recommend that you will book your order in advance so that we can accommodate your request.

      Soon we will be posting some pictures and video on how to plant trichantera or madre de agua properly to ensure its optimum growth.. Just stay connected…

  20. i have a farm in Malaybalay, bukidnon, i am interested to buy 100 bundles of madre de agua, how much would it cost including the delivery or pick up. Are there available stocks and how do i proceed with the transaction?


    • Thank You for Visiting the Site!

      Due to the ever increasing demand of Madre de Agua, we recommend that you will book/reserve first your order. For the month of April until May 15, 2012, all Madre de Agua Cuttings of are already paid and sold.

      Hence we encourage you to do the booking first by means of paying at least 50% of the volume that you wanted to order. No worry, if in case the required volume will not be met in the specified time then rest assured that you will get the full refund of your money with no question ask.

      If you can have your reservation within this week then the earliest expected time of shipment of madre de agua cuttings will be on the 30th day of May 2012, and the latest will be on the 15th day of June 2012.

      For further inquiries, kindly contact our Madre de Agua Propagator in the person of Mr. Ben Barros at this number 0921-322-7247.

      Hope yo hear from you soon!

  21. hi!

    ask lang ako if saan ka nakakuha ng madre de agua sa davao?…im interested kasi na magtanim..


    • Hi,

      Try visiting D.A. Davao, and inquire about the possible source of this plant within your area.

  22. hi im interested in planting trichoderma “madre de agua” for my vermi culture. I would like to know what is the result of the NPK value of the vermi cast when the leaves of this tree will be feed to my worms. I’m from bohol and i would like to book my order of trichoderma as soon as i received your reply here. thanks and more power

    • Hi,

      Thank You for visiting the

      Since we are still in the process of collecting specific data pertaining to worm growth and its reproduction rate when fed with madre de agua leaves, we are afraid that we can not give the certified NPK analysis in terms of its castings yet. However, rest assured that we will be posting such in due time.

  23. Gentlemen,

    I wish to inquire whether we can buy Live cuttings of Tricantera from your Company.

    Thank You


  24. May we know the Price of Cuttings and where these can be Picked up?

  25. Madre de Agua (Trichantera) could be very useful for our farm in our vermicompost production and feeding our chickens. Hopefully in future we shall have pigs, goats and rabbits. Where can I buy cuttings of Madre de Agua in Luzon?
    Thank you,

    • Hi,

      I don’t have any idea where to buy madre de agua cuttings in Luzon, but then try to inquire at your nearest Dept. Agriculture in your respective Local Government Units, I’m sure they can help.

  26. i’m from cagayan de oro. where ca i buy madre de agua

    • Just text Mr. Ben Barros at 09213227247.. He is our madre de agua propagator

  27. Thanks for the info! I am having trouble knowing what is Trichantera. I just recently found it here! Thank you again! :)

  28. Hi! I just want to know if do you still offer madre de agua cutlings for sale? What would be its price including shipping fee to Bohol and what would be the minimum quantity for order. Thanks! :)

  29. im interested to buy trichantera my cell no. +639462785478 pls reply my location is in las piñas what would be its price including shipping fee and what would be the minimum quantity for order… thaks….

  30. Hi,

    Minimum order is 100 cuttings for Php1500 Free Delivery via LBC.
    Just send your payment to Benildo D. Barros DV-Soria Cagayan de Oro City via LBC or Mlhuiler then forward to us the KPTN Code for Clearing Purposes along with the address where the package should be sent.. Package will be sent within 24 hours upon cleared payment

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