Organic Gardening 101

Total Organic Seed-Starting Pot

In our intention to promote the Total Organic Approach and sustainable farming in thePhilippines, we have decided to use the conventional seed starting pot introduced by our ancestors several decades ago.

Contrary to the non-biodegradable and expensive seed starting pots available in the market today, our seed starting pots are totally free and organic. Thanks to the ingenuity of our forefathers who lead us to this great idea of rearing plants from seeds using banana leaves.

The materials that we need:

  1. Fresh Banana Leaves
  2. Soil Mix;  (1 part vermicasts : 2 parts soil)
  3. Knife

Procedure A.

  1. Obtain fresh banana leaves and cut them to 1 inch by 3 inches.
  2.  Using your fingers, roll the banana leaves individually to a desired seed pot diameter.
  3. Using your thumb, lock the edge of the rolled banana leaf
  4. Put the soil mix into the rolled leaf and gently push the material to make it more compact and firm.
  5. Fill the seed pot completely and put it inside the 4”x4” wooden frame or its equivalent. Be sure that the edge of the rolled leaf is facing against the wall of the frame to lock the seed pot and maintain its ideal shape and diameter.


Procedure B.  (Planting Seeds) 

  1. When you are done making your total organic seed starting pot, using a garden spray, try to moisten the seed pots with water.
  2. Let the seed starting pots to settle overnight.
  3. The following day –ideally late in the afternoon, prick a small hole in each seed pot using a stick.
  4. Then drop the seed to the hole and cover it with soil. Note: You can also transplant young plants from your seed bed to your seed starting pot.
  5. Wait until the seeds will start to germinate and are ready to be transplanted to your garden.
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