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Search Engine Optimization

There are so many people in the internet who considered themselves as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts. These SEO gurus were giving us tons of Tips on how to optimize our website in order to capture the highest spot as possible in our quest for search engine ranking.


Search Engine Ranking, Page Ranking, Website Ranking or simply Ranking are all referring to our website’s position in the world’s leading Search Engines such as Google and Bing. But technically, the seemingly “gold” website rank that we are running after is basically about our website’s page rank. Remember that the building blocks of our website are none other than the web pages. Search Engines will crawl these web pages and rank them according to their predefined algorithm –the secret formula in appraising a particular page.


In reality, no one knows exactly how Google ranks web pages except the company itself. Although there are hints how to facilitate effective crawling of your site but the essential elements in triggering the algorithm to put your site on the top of all searches is Google’s closely guarded secret.

Search Engine Optimization

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SEO experts would claim that Google page ranking is determined by social media such as twitter and facebook and to get along with these sites will guarantee our website a lucrative spot in the search engines. But is this really true? Upon series of experimentation, I find out that social media or social networking sites are really NOT a factor of our site’s page ranking but instead, it is a platform for SEO experts to craft and ignite the Internet Viral Phenomenon that will eventually make our site a talk of the worldwide web.


These social media will only give the internet users the signal that a certain website is “boiling” something and Google and other search engines definitely will not buy this gimmick for us to have the rank of a web page that we want. In fact, exploiting these aforementioned social media will bring our website more harm than good once it reaches the saturation point.


Other claim to increase page rank includes the buying of legitimate and high quality links. While links are needed in order to become more visible in search engines but the quality of such links are heavily under fire. The fact alone that these links are for sale then the issue of legitimacy and quality is dependent on a very fine thread. Yes, there might be quality links or back links out there that are for sale but the question is: How would you determine the true from the bogus one? Buying links will absolutely lead you to two possibilities, 1) Being penalized by the search engines, especially Google 2) Being cursed from the searching public in the internet.

If you want to have a valid and quality links then try to use your fingertips to scour the internet for some great prospects. Participate in forums that have something to do with your website and professionally unleash the power of anchor text . Also try to write a letter to some website (site should have similar leaning to the topic of interests) administrators for possible link exchange and be sure that the both of you will maintain the highest quality standard of your websites.


If you really wanted to capture the limelight of Search Engine Optimization and Organic Visibility then try to consider the following:


  1. The Key is Keywords, which relevance during the search must be integrated and defined exquisitely within your articles, press release and the likes. Avoid using keywords for the purpose of just luring the people to visit your site. Remember, that the searching public uses the search engines to dig information and not to play riddles and hide & seek.
  2. Mine for quality links via active online branding and prospecting. As much as possible avoid the short-cut (buying links) method.
  3. Be mindful of the quality of your site’s content knowing that the world is thirsty of new information. Search engines and people alike are not after of quantity but of the quality of your work.
  4. Remember that websites must build its own reputation in the web under the framework of credibility, integrity and of course being user friendly. Update the content of your site as much as possible.
  5. Always consider your website as a gift to a love one, for doing so radiates the superb quality of your site.
  6. Be updated always in the technical aspects of SEO to avoid being penalized by the Search Engines.
  7. Be patient always and know that there is always wisdom in “Baby Steps”.
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