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Leech -My Alternative Cure for Fluid Retention

April 22, 2011, it was a bright Good Friday afternoon when my right shin suddenly experienced a burning sensation. At first I thought that it was just an ordinary shin splint, a reason why I immediately wrapped the affected area with a medical tape as my muscle support.

The pain subsided almost as instant when I finished wrapping my shin. Until morning of Black Saturday, when I noticed that I can barely walk from my bed towards the bathroom due to an intense swelling of my right foot.

I reckoned my activities and the food that I ate 24 hours before I noticed the pain, however, I could not find any reason that would seal my wonderment of the real culprit of my foot problem aside from eating too much salty junk food while surfing the internet.

The swelling became too intense that my right foot could no longer fit to my slipper. The more that I sit or stand the more painful my foot becomes. There is no other remedy than to lie on my bed and rest – I told myself.

While I was resting on my bed, I remember the article that I have read pertaining to fluid retention and the ways how to stop the affected body parts from swelling.

Fluid retention can be experienced by anyone who has to stand or sit for hours especially accompanied by a very salty snacks or meal. It can also be a preceding body reaction for females with regards to their monthly menstrual period.

Fluid retention can also be an indicator of a severe internal problem such as heart, blood vessel, or kidney disorder.

Among the recommended remedies of swelling due to fluid retention are the following :


  1. Avoid very salty food
  2. Maintain proper diet and observed healthy body weight
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Take a walk for a while when you are in your office
  5. Don’t cross your legs for it restrict blood flow through the veins in the thighs
  6. Avoid constricting clothing and socks and shoes.
  7. For ladies go for flat or low heel.

Though these remedies are effective, but then I decided to experiment my body by doing a natural treatment of fluid retention. This is through the use of the leech.

Leech had been integrated for ancient civilization’s medical practices and such alternative way of treating patients suffering from minor body parts swelling are now being advocated by modern doctors.

Leeches primarily suck blood from its host painlessly and efficiently, this is the reason why I decided to summon these annelids to help me in draining my swelling foot.

Leech use anesthetic to prevent the host from noticing its presence while sucking blood. Leech attaches to the host and injects hirudin –an anti-clotting enzyme, to the host’s blood stream.

I cleaned my foot using fresh clean flowing water and put it inside the basin where several hungry leeches were waiting. In minutes, they started crawling to my swollen foot and find an area where they can start sucking my blood.

Not long then that the leeches started to detach from my swollen foot after they were totally filled with my blood to start digesting it.

The result was great, the swelling have lessened and I felt no pain at all. I can walk normally and most of all the procedure was painless and absolutely free.





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