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How to Treat Hangover

Truly that in every action there is a corresponding reaction, a cause and effect relationship that makes life awesome and fun to deal with.

We can drink from dusk till dawn while recalling our childhood memories and the horror that we felt when we made fun to our neighbors. No matter how many times that the story has been told but under the influence of liquor everything seems to be brand new. For us, the gathering of our group will be boring if wine is not there in our midst.

When the morning came and just as we thought that the party will continue, a lurking “villain” will just unleash its venom –hangover, making us to swear not to drink to much alcohol again.


Hangover is simply a self-inflected pain or sickness. It is obviously avoidable and can be treated easily during the early stage of its occurrence. Some medical practitioners believed that hangover is due to either mild swelling of the brain due to alcohol and the body is experiencing severe dehydration. While the former cause is not yet totally proven, the issue in dehydration on the other hand is globally accepted as the major culprit of such ailment.

Hence, as a remedial approach in hangover it is highly recommended to do the following:


  1. Replace your body fluids – Rule of thumb: Rehydrate yourself with fluid that is not offensive to your stomach. Plain water is the best remedy. Do not attempt to drink acidic fluids such as orange juice for it only worsen the condition. According to Joseph Lieberman M.D., M.PH., “The alcohol tends to make the mucous membranes of the stomach and small intestines sensitive and irritated..” hence acids can only aggravate the onset of hangover if use in rehydration process.
  2. Do not wait for Hangover to strike – After the drinking session, drink plenty of water before going to bed. When you wake up and feel like having a hangover, drink alka seltzer.
  3. Avoid the myth – Hair of the dog that bit you philosophy is perfectly absurd. Drinking in the morning what you drink last night will not cure or prevent the onset of hangover for doing so will only recreate the problem and will lead you to an extended drinking session.
  4. Boost your potassium – It is normal to urinate frequently when we drink alcohol and as through urination the body’s potassium may lose. To counter the decrease of needed potassium it is recommended to eat ample amount of bananas.
  5. Rest, rest and rest – Allow your body to repair the damage that you have done. Rest well in order to accelerate the rehydration process.

On top of these, if you want to get around or avoid hangover then there is a shortcut method that is proven very effective – DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL AT ALL.



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