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How to Plant Madre de Agua Cuttings obtained from

N.B. This planting procedure is designed by the eco-Philippines’ Madre de Agua Team. It is therefore highly encourage NOT to Follow the below steps if your cuttings are coming from the different sources other than eco-Philippines.

-> As you Order the planting materials be sure that you have already the following :

1) Seedling bag (at least 3×4 inches in diameter)already filled with fertile soil.

2.) Make-shift Nursery / Shade

3.)Time -Plant the Cuttings within 72 hours upon the arrival of the package.


1.      As soon as you receive the package containing cuttings of Madre de Agua, it is recommended that you will unload the planting materials in a cool and dry place –preferably, under the shade of a huge tree or perhaps inside a make-shift nursery and allow it to aerate overnight.

NOTE:  The Cuttings were all pre-treated to facilitate rooting and therefore it is Strongly Advised NOT to soak to any chemicals, peel, or alter the area below the individually marked node. 

2.       The next day, plant the cuttings either early in the morning (5:00-7:00 am) or late in the afternoon (5:00 – 6:00 pm).


3.       Planting Instruction:

3.a) 1:1 Ratio must be observed – 1 cutting per seedling bag


3.b) Be mindful of the marked region of the cuttings. Bury at least 2 inches of the marked portion but not to the point of covering all the two nodes with soil.

Note: The first node is for Rooting and the second node is for the Leaves to Grow.

Note:  Only Removed the Red Markings when you are about to plant the Madre de Agua to avoid confusion during planting process.

3.c) Water the newly planted Madre de Agua thoroughly but not to the point of flooding them.

3.d) Be sure that the area where you plant your cuttings is free from stray animals at all times especially during the first two weeks from planting.


4.   Watering Procedure:

4.a) Water your Madre de Agua only during early morning or late in the afternoon two (2) times a week.


  • Shade Requirements:  If possible construct a make-shift plant nursery with roofing made of black-net or black plastic wire mesh at a height of 6 feet. Single Roofing is enough for your Madre de Agua to grow healthy.
  • Sunlight Requirement: Ample sunlight is needed of this type of plant especially when 2 sets of leaves are starting to appear.
  • Fertilizer Application: We recommend Dried Animal Manure or perhaps Vermi-Casts if it is available in your area. Frequency of application is twice a month, preferably first and last week of each month.
  • Known Diseases of Madre de Agua:  So far eco-Philippines have not encountered any known disease of this Plant.

  • Though the cuttings of Madre de Agua obtained from  can be planted directly to the field/farm but it is highly recommended to stabilize the root system and the pairing of leaves via nursery propagation to ensure optimal Production Volume of Madre de Agua Leaves for Livestock nourishment in as early as 6 months time.
  • Technical Assistance on how to grow your Madre de Agua will be provided online by when needed.
  • Remember that Quality is our Highest Priority.

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  1. it is ok im giving my animal trycanter at noon?

  2. can i mix madre de agwa with feeds?

    • You can give trichantera to your farm animals anytime.. If you are mixing fresh trichantera leaves with other feeds, just make it sure that you are only mixing the right volume for the specific feeding schedule… The moisture content of trichantera leaves will eventually becomes a “catalyst” of mold’s growth so therefore mix only what is deemed consumable by your farm animals within a maximum period of 8 hrs. But if you are using the dried leaves then you can mix it with feeds as long as you want..

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