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Cacao Growing in the Philippines

Cacao or Cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao) belongs to family Sterculiaceae (alternatively Malvaceae). Its seeds are primarily used to make cocoa powder and chocolate.

The scientific name Theobroma cacao was given to the species by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1753. Theobroma means “food of the gods” in Latin, and cacao is derived from the Nahuatl (Aztec language) word xocolatl, from xococ (bitter) and atl (water).

In the Philippines, particularly in Northern Mindanao, cacao farming seems to be a forgotten way of generating income. This is due to the fact that source of technical guides for growing this tree is somewhat scarce in the region. Not to mention, the tree’s palatability to insects and pests when not properly taken cared of and the lack of post harvest facilities nearby.

As I went to my hometown, I happened to see a considerable volume of Cacao seeds being sun dried by one of the town’s cacao grower. Observing the way they prepare the seeds for market, I realized that it is not easy as it may seem. The mere fact that you need to turn the seeds every 2 hours under the sweltering heat of the sun, will surely make you to think twice whether to plant this tree or not.

However, when I asked the owner why they still farming cacao trees amidst of the many difficulties and limitations in processing those cocoa seeds, he just looked at me and said “Working in the office for 8 straight hours is more strenuous than turning these seeds that will give me an income of no less than Php100/kilo.”

I was a bit mesmerized by his reply and decided to visit my father-in-law’s lonely cacao tree in his backyard. Curious as I am, I climbed the cocoa tree and harvested all the ripe cacao pods and have collected all the seeds in it and weigh.

This is my discovery:

  • A single healthy pod could produce a minimum of 200 grams of dried cocoa seeds.
  •  A single cacao tree can produce an average of 20 healthy cacao pods.
  • On the average, each cacao tree can give you at least 3.5 kilos of dried cocoa seeds, which is equivalent to Php350 of additional income!

Now, think of this – What if you have a total of 100 healthy cacao trees planted today?

In five years time, most likely you will start to have a passive gross income of at least Php35000 per month since cacao tree never stops bearing fruits as long that it is healthy.

This is the reason why I start growing cacao seedlings NOW.

Below are pictures of my 3 weeks old cacao seedlings. This is the yellow variety cocoa from my father-in-law’s Cacao tree.


Cacao growing

My 3 weeks old Cacao Seedlings


So, what is the future of Cacao Farming in the Philippines? To Answer Read << THIS >>


  1. Hi,

    Pwede mag order ng cacao seeds mo.I am searching of pure cacao with no
    additives and yung handmade yung pag process.

    Paki reply lang po sa email ko.


    • We can provide you an organic cacao seeds or perhaps a ready made organic “tablea”. Just hit the “contact us” tab located at the upper right side of this page.. thank you!

  2. Hello,

    Sa loob ng isang taon, mga ilan kilo na dried cocoa seeds ang ma harvest sa isang matured cacao tree?

    • A single healthy pod could produce a minimum of 200 grams of dried cocoa seeds.
      A single cacao tree can produce an average of 20 healthy cacao pods.
      On the average, each cacao tree can give you at least 3.5 kilos of dried cocoa seeds, which is equivalent to Php350 of additional income!

      The Healthier the Cacao Tree the More and Heavier is the Harvest!

      • Only 350 Pesos income per year per cocoa tree?

        • The 350 pesos income per cocoa tree is the average income per harvest since cacao tree produces pods whole year round. If during lean months of cacao which normally starts from February and ends in October, the said average income per tree can be attained every two weeks. Meanwhile, During Peak Season (December to January) expect that this average income per harvest will be doubled.

  3. Engineer Bumanlag. i want to plant cacao on 5000 sq.m. how many could accommodate, where can i get good quality cacao grown plant? Please respond ASAP. Thanks

    • You can plant at most 833 cacao seedlings in this area.. a ratio of 1 seedling to 6sqm area. The estimated cost of the seeds for this volume is Php1700 inclusive of shipment anywhere in the Philippines. It is a pre-order basis since we need to do the seeds selection process, booking must be at least 3 weeks prior to expected shipment… Should you have more questions then feel free to Contact us by clicking the “Contact Us” tab above.

  4. I want to plant cacao tree in my half hectare, would you pls give me some advice on how manage?

  5. Before venturing into cacao farming one must consider the 3 essentials.

    1. Source of Quality Cacao Seeds -- If you cannot find quality seeds then might as well forget your dream of becoming a cacao farmer.. :)Do not waste your time, effort and money for 5 years only to find out that you’re having a “disease and borer-friendly” variety.

    2. Make some sort of ocular inspection to the area -- if trees are present then try to look closely if these trees are in good condition. They are the nature’s best indicator whether to plant cacao or not.

    3. Cacao thrives well, under shades of other trees for the first 2 years. When you think that your cacao is healthy enough to be exposed to the intense heat of the sun then start pruning the surrounding trees.. In my case I planted bananas first then followed by cacaos 2 weeks after.

    Of course and as always proper irrigation and application of Organic Fertilizers are very important in cacao farming.

    • We already have such cocoa trees from 4 hec, giving fruits already, pero problema starting to be eaten by rats dahil sa bunga n almost nasa lupa na, help us to do processing? We can be dealer but we need buyer too. Trees are almost 7 years n, i cannot continue because we start to have problem finance, it will be too bad just to stop it like that, i want to dévelop it at makatulong sa nature at mga tao n magkaroon ng trabaho, i prepare planting such trees rather cutting. I hope to hear résponse from you

      • Rats can be managed easily compared to fruit borers and other cocoa diseases.. May I know your location? it is a bit strange why you find it hard to sell your cacao? In fact the price now is playing between 90-100 pesos per kilo… You can contact me though via to discuss your concern further.. :)

    • hi sir, if you planted banana to shade the cocoa, what is the distances between the cocoa trees? is it still 1x6m2 then you plant the banana in between or do you adjust the distances? thank you.

      ps. I am from davao city, I sent. an email as to where I can avail of any training regarding cocoa farming practices, please update me. thank you again.



      • I know that most people would react to this, but to tell you intercropping Cacao and Banana is a BIG NO for me. For one, while the needed 60%-70% shades for cacao can be provided by banana but then try also to consider the sustainability factor of this planting design. Remember that Banana produces several suckers indefinitely and it widens its area of coverage exponentially if not properly monitored and controlled. To explain my arguments further regarding this matter, I’ll be posting an article about the Pros and Cons of this planting design next week.

  6. Sir, is this variety better than the UF-18, which as claimed fruits in less than 2 years? what are the pros and cons between the two? thanks

  7. Yes this is the UF-18 however, I don’t believe that it can bear fruits within 18 months time as what others would claim.. Ideally, this variety will start to fruit at around 30 months time… but at this stage only 15-20% of pods will eventually mature… On the average heavy harvest of this variety will start between 3rd and 4th year from planting..

  8. I have already planted about 500 cacao trees in Mindanao and I wanted to plant more since the area of my land is 3.6 hectare, I would like to ask if I can plant like more or less 2000 in this area?

    • If you are trying to mass produce cacao, then try to consider a 6x6 meters planting distance each plant. For 3.6 hectares is about 36,000sq-m. Thus 2000 cacao trees can still be planted in this area.

  9. Thank you Templar, I have another question, my land has flat area and sloping area also, is cacao tree can be good in slope area?

    • Maximum of 45 degree slope/Angle is still can be planted with cacao. Just make it sure that when planting cacao in this area, at least 50% of the total cacao seedling’s length is covered with soil to provide great anchorage to the plant..

      Also be mindful that cacao plants need shades during the first 2 years of planting, hence, majority of our clients plant madre de agua in between cacao seedlings..

  10. dear uncle abroad has a 792 sq. meters idle land in North Cotabato and 600 sq. meters in Digos (planted with mangoes but restricted from spraying) planning to plant banana(binangay) in North Cotabato but i’ve heard about this cocoa production..can i intercrop cocoa with banana? thank you..

    • Yes, with Proper spacing, Banana and Cacao do great when you employ intercropping technique. Your Banana will be your natural shade for cacao, since cacao needs shade during the first 2 years of planting.. However, inter-cropping cacao and banana should not last long since you have to eliminate the Banana when cacao is about 2-3 years old or when it is about to bear fruits/pods.

  11. I have a 1-hectare land which I plan to plant with cacao.. however the land is sometimes flooded during the rainy season. Do you think the cacao will thrive? Thanks.

    • Hi,

      When your area is flooded how long do you think will it takes for the water to subside? If it takes more than 24 hours then Cacao is definitely not the right crop for your area.. Try to make some drainage sites for your land and if you think you can divert the water to some areas then perhaps you can still use your land in growing cacao..

  12. 1 have a 2 hectare coconut plantation, can i inter crop it with cacao? The spaces of my coconuts 10x15.. hoping for your reply, thanks.

    • Sir Ryan, Yes you can inter-crop cacao with coconut in fact they grow well together. You can use a 3x3 meters planting distance of cacao. You need at least 2000 cacao seedlings for this area.

  13. Sir, do you mean the cacao tree starts bearing fruits in less than 3 years. Is it fro the time you plant the seeds? I’ve learned a lot from this site.

    Thank you.

    • Yes, Sir Mark.. The UF-18 Cacao Variety when grafted starts to bear fruits within less than 3 years from planting.

      • Sir, TY for the quick reply. How old is the seedling that is ready for grafting? After grafting how long do we need to keep it before planting? This is very interesting and I would like to start with this one very soon. And by the way it was mentioned that the good variety is UF-18. Is it the seedlings or the upper part of grafted plant. TY again.

        • When the seedling’s diameter is about the size of a pencil then that will be the time that you start grafting it. You can use UF-18 as root stock and graft it with other mature UF-18 as your scions.

  14. Sir, how many cacao trees can a 6000 sq. m accomodate? How much would it cost? Also, ilang beses sa isang taon mamunga ang cacao trees? Seasonal po ba to? Thank you in advance.

    • around 700 seedlings can be planted in 6000Sqm.. All year round po mamumunga ang cacao, although peak season nila is between October to January.. You need at least 5 kilos of cacao seeds inclusive of buffer seedlings na po ang volume na ito..

  15. do you have an experience on how to control cacao pest with UF18? if there’s any known pest affecting this variety? do you have a readily buyer of cacao beans in the market? is this variety thrive in north luzon? thanks

    • Like any other cacao varieties, UF18 is also prone to insects and pests -- bottomline is, with proper care and production/ farming practices, these pests can be avoided… Cacao buyers are well distributed throughout the country, particularly the Chinese Businessmen.. This variety thrive in all parts of the country except those areas that are constantly flooded..

  16. May I know if you have an idea of the W10 variety?

  17. Please can I have your opinion on this. I have planted some of my cacao from seeds(not grafted). They are 6 feet tall now. However, i as told that these will not yield good production in the future as I have expected. I am planning to side graft these and then cut the grown-up trees which serves now as a rootstock. do you think this is a good idea? I lost my 2 yrs time of having these seeds to grow into 6 feet tall cacao with complete fertilizers.

    • Sir, the idea is good however, please take note of the current variety that you have and the production practices that you are implementing right now.. The problem in farming cacao is not solely due to the variety but also to the way we raise or cultivate them. If for instance that you think that you’re doing the right thing in cultivating your cacao but still the production is too low then that will be the time that you will resort to side-grafting. We normally recommend side-grafting if we have already ruled out all possibilities of an erroneous production or farming practices.. If you are certain of the current variety that you are using then try to trace the origin of its scions, some problems can be found in there.. you know stuff such us grafting a hybrid root stock with a native variety.. Try to talk to the source of your seedlings, but if in case they are not sure what variety of scions they used in grafting your seedlings then better do the side-grafting in the soonest possible time..

  18. Greetings, sir! Do you travel to train the farmers? In case you do, how much you do you charge?

    • Hi Mary,

      Yes, we are very happy to travel in order to train farmers… The Rate is depending on the seminar or training that you wanted us to do.. Normally, we require the requesting party to shoulder our Round Trip Travel Expenses such as Plane Tickets and Transpo going to and from the site/farm. With regards to PF then we can assure you that we offer the lowest Professional Rate across the country. For more inquiry contact us via 0921-322-7247 and look for Mr. Ben Barros or email us via

  19. I’ve started my grafted cacao and it’s on the third month now. We noticed that some bugs love to attack the young leaves at night so friends advised us to spray insecticides before dark. It helped, Were learning.

    We also started to grow some seeds and we are excited on this one also. Many thanks to this site for the info.

    I hope someday I can produce quality choco bars out of this.

    • Congrats! And also try the “smoking” procedure in controlling insects.. Gather all your cacao dried leaves or perhaps eucalyptus leaves if you have and put them over an ember, allow those leaves to slowly produce smoke underneath the cacao plantation (just enough to produce smoke and NOT Fire) during late afternoon..

  20. Hi,

    Can cacao be interplanted in a rubber plantation. (8 hectares) Our rubber trees are very old and may only have a few years of latex in them.


    • Yes, cacao do well with rubber trees but try also to consider how you will go around in protecting your cacao when you eventually decide to cut-down all your rubber trees.. But if you really want to plant cacao now then better to trim your rubber trees first..

  21. gud day sir. i’m from pangasinan, plans to plant cacao in our quarter hectare property. how many seeds plus buffer do I need for setting up a cacao seedling nursery for the property? do you still have available seeds for sale? how much will be the cost of the seeds plus shipping for my planting requirement?

    • You need at least 300 seeds for this area and an additional 200 seeds to be your buffer seedlings.. For inquiries on cost and estimates of seeds kindly email us via

  22. I want to intercrop cacao trees of the UF18 variety in my 5000 m2 lot planted with lanzones at 5m X 5m average spacing. How many seeds do i need? DO you available seeds or seedlings ready for planting? If so, how much and how can I order from you.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Kindly contact Mr. Ben Barros at 09213227247 or at this email address regarding availability of cacao seeds and estimates.. thank you..

  23. Good afternoon Sir!

    I have a small piece of land, most likely 2,562 sq. meters. We started planting short”dwarf” kalamansi. I have 150 kalamansi planted. Ok, lang po ba mag inter crop ng cacao?
    Also, may i ask your advice on how to start up a cacao plantation? mga ilang seedlings po ba ang pwede matanim sa area ko?

    Please advice. Thank you po.

  24. Hi there, I’m Yes and I’m from Bohol. After the recent quake incident, I and my partner thought of an inccome generating for the farmers in Bohol. We have an area of 4.5 hectares in Carmen and there’s about 100 mango trees that were planted some 10 years ago. While we have several attempts with mango production, it always failed because of timing perhaps -- flowers vs rain. Now that we have learned Cacao farming, we are convinced we can do it this time. Here are my questions:
    1. can we intercrop with mango trees?
    2. how many seeds do we need to cover for this size of land?
    3. land is quite slopey

    Thank you!

    • Hi there,

      * You can do the inter-cropping of Mango and Cacao however only for a short time, 4-5 years maximum. Cacao needs shade during its first 2 years of life but once it starts producing large amount of Pods you need to cut-down the mangoes since mango trees are known to have a wide canopy that will surely endanger cacao’s fruiting process. Although you can do the regular trimming of mango but mind you its very tedious and labor intensive..

      * For 4.5 hectares you need at least 6500 seedlings inclusive of buffers stock. But if you do inter-cropping you need around 4000 seedlings depending on the spacing of your mango trees.

      * As long that trees are able to grow healthy on that particular land terrain then you are rest assured that cacao can also grow well.. the presence of healthy trees are your good natural indicator whether cacao can grow well in that certain area.

  25. Hi sir,

    Im so interested in cacao plantation . Our farmlot produce corn 2X up to present. Is it possible to plant cacao nr a corn farm? I have 5 hectares and im thinking of planting Cacao in my 2 hectares, is it possible sir? If so, how much is your estimate for my start up. Thank you sir.


    • Hi,

      You can always plant cacao near corn farms.. However, it is not recommended that you inter-crop corn to cacao plants… For 2 hectares you need at least 2600-2800 seedlings/seeds of cacao or roughly equivalent to 14 kilos. The price of cacao seeds per kilo is between 280-500 pesos depending on the variety and freight charges… Our Network cacao farm owners especially Mr. Grover Rosit also offer UF-18 cacao seeds and have also a grafted cacao seedlings -ready to plant at Php20 each pick up price in Calinan Davao City.

      • sir,

        can I have Mr. Grover Rosit’s full address sa Calinan? Along the highway lang po ba siya? Thank you po.

  26. HI Sir,

    Our farm is in Ifugao and if we opt to buy Cacao plant at P20 would it be safe for the plant to reach the farm? Thank you.

    • Hi there,
      I recommend that you will buy seeds instead of seedlings in order to protect the plant from unnecessary stress..

  27. hello sir :)
    we are planning to plant cacao seeds here in La Union at about 4 hectares. As you answered there would be 2600-2800 seed to be planted in at least hectares, double it then it would become 5200-5600 cacao seeds, my question is how many seeds it would generate upon harvesting time?

    • UF-18 Variety can give you at least a kilo of fresh seeds buy opening only 18 cacao pods during harvest.. one cacao plant if healthy can give you between 50-70 pods during peak seasons.. and 30-50 cacao pods during lean months but remember cacao will give you pods/fruits whole year round.. :)

      • sir when is the time for the peak season of harvesting a cacao pod and how long would it take for a cacao pod to be harvested after planting cacao?

        • The cacao peak season is from Last week of October to January every Year.. UF-18 if Grafted will start to produce pods within 2 and 1/2 years.. If from seeds and not grafted it will take at least 3 years to bear fruits/pods..

  28. Hi Sir,

    Good day… I have a plan to plant a cacao in 1 hectare mountanous area. I need to know how much the cost of 1 ready to plant seeds (grafted) abd where i can buy this seedlings. By the way, I’m in So. Leyte. Can i ask also your contact number so that i can call you personnaly. I’m so interested on this matter.

    • Kindly contact Mr. Ben Barros at this number 09213227247 for your cacao related inquiries.. Thank You

  29. Hello Sir Templar, Greetings from Antipolo City. We will be having a Chocolate Festival at the SM Masinag and we would like to know if can have some time to spare and visit us here on February 12-16, 2014. What makes it quite unique is that you can not see commercially available brands in the groceries or supermarkets in this festival. Though there are foreign suppliers (which only caters to institutional buyers) most of the participants do use and process local cacao. Should you decide on coming, please feel free to contact me at 0917-5045658 or 0922-8250168 and we shall with great anticipation of your visit. Maraming Salamat Po.

    Alex Luzano

    • Sir, Thank you for the invitation. We will contact first sir Ben Barros regarding the said schedule considering that we need to see to it that there is no reservations for seminar during those days. We’ll just contact and give you updates by then. Thank You Sir Alex.

  30. how many times will a cacao tree bear in a year? how much is the cost per kilo of production before it can be sold to P100/kilo? is it easy to market? can it be as productive as corn farming or maybe more? thanks and we really hope to help our corn farmers here in Isabela.

    • Maam, Cacao will produce pods whole year round. Although the peak season of cacao across the country starts from Last Week of October to Last Week of January. The rest of the months are considered lean months however, you can still harvest cacao fruits/pods during the said lean months ->February-September.

      *If you have the good or best variety of cacao then surely that you can reach that target of 100 pesos/kilo rate. UF-18 and BR-25 Variety can give you at least 4 kilos of Dried Cacao Beans during Peak Months per week per tree, and at least 1 kilo of dried beans during lean months per week per tree.

      Bottomline is, having a good variety of cacao and the best cacao farming practices will surely shuttle you towards your target..

      Take note that if you have the above essential “elements” in cacao farming, you will not only generates money via cacao dried beans but also having income by selling the fresh fruits as planting materials and the grafting branches or Scions for the grafted cacao nursery operators and farmers.

      As a farmer, I appreciate the corn production itself but not the economic dynamics of this high-value crops when it starts its journey towards the market.

      My humble opinion about corn is:
      * A minimum of 5 hectares of corn farming is needed for a farmer to claim being economically stable in corn production. If you fall below 5 hectares then expect that your produce is good only for your own consumption and not as preparatory for the next cycle of farming expansion for that matter- unless you hit the “Jackpot” price which is Php30 per kilo of dried corn… With the rising prices of Corn Seeds, Land Preparation Cost, Fertilizers, Labor Cost,Post Harvest implementation, Trucking Services Rate. Then Definitely your less than 5-hectare produce is just enough to give a living for the people behind the aforementioned operations and your profit is not even commensurate to your time and effort. Unless you use this less than 5 hectares of corn produce to feed your livestock then in this manner you are not dependent to the bias and seemingly sabotage swing of corn prices in our market.

      * If you want to help the corn farmers in Isabela then we can both do that, We will give you a clearer picture of Corn Production Profit Analysis, Systematic Farming Practices and Cost Effective Ways of Corn Farming and everything about corn.. Then let the farmers decide what is good for them… You can contact Mr. Ben Barros, the Founder of at this number 09213227247. He is even more willing to conduct seminars everything about farming…

  31. Hi,

    I wanted to venture in Cacao farming. Can I ask an advise from you of what kind of seedlings I should plant (or are there different variety of seeds for planting?) I’m from Bicol, our land is in mountainous area, more than half of the year is raining (constantly hit by typhoon). Are you selling cacao trees ready for planting? If yes, how much?

    • I recommend the two varieties: UF-18 and BR-25.. The Reasons can be found above.. Our network cacao farmers in Davao can provide you grafted cacao seedlings ready for planting which price is playing between Php18 -Php25 each (Pick-up transaction only), For seeds as planting materials you can contact this number 09213227247- they deliver cacao seeds nationwide via LBC. Grafted cacaos will not really grow tall as the native varieties. With proper pruning techniques and cacao spacing you can ease the impact of those typhoons to your crop..

  32. We will be uploading some pictures related to our cacao seedlings experiment in the soonest possible time

  33. Hi. Im interested to go into cacao farming. We have a 2600 sqm lot at the Southern part of Cebu with coconut trees already. How many seedlings do I need to plant? Do you sell ready to plant seedlings and delivers them? How much? The variety that doesnt grow tall but still bears the same amount of cacao with the normal one.

    Thank you.

    • Hi,

      You need at least 350 Seedlings for that area. Our grafted seedlings are good for pick-up transactions only either in Davao or Cagayan de Oro City. Price would be between 20-25 pesos each. Majority of the cacao varieties that are grafted are considerably slow grower.. with proper pruning technique you can maintain your cacao trees at height that is not more than 8 ft tall.

  34. Hi Sir,
    Good Day, I want to start cacao farming in our 1,000 (with coconut tree, mahogany and tugas)here in Tagbilaran Bohol. How much would be the cost per seedlings (grafted) and where can i buy it?

    • The price of grafted cacao seedlings currently is between 16-25 pesos pick up transaction only.. For more info just call/text 0921-322-7247…

  35. Good day.

    I just want to ask if cacao plants can grow in La Union and what variety is best suited to plant there in La Union?

  36. Sir, we have a 3 hectare land in quezon province, all of which are planted with coconut trees that are at least 40 years old, is it still viable to inter-crop cacao? if yes, how many seedlings do we need? are there any cacao farmers near our area where we can purchase seedlings of the UF-18 or BR-25 variety?

    Thank you in advance…

    • Hi,

      Cacao-Coconut Intercropping is highly favorable. If the planting distance of your coconut is at least 8mx8m then you need a total of 200 cacao seedlings. I have not known a cacao farmer in your area yet..

    • We recommend that you will contact us via this number 0921-322-7247 or via our email address so that we will know the actual number of trees in your area and the needed cacao seedlings for it..

  37. Hi,

    We have a plan to onsite at Davao to buy cacao seeds, can you provide the exact address and the company trademark.

    • We are currently in the process of Registering our group as one of the country’s UF-18 and Cacao Seeds for Rootstock provider, hence we can not give you the needed company trademark. However, our cacao nursery is presently located in Claveria Misamis Oriental, 50 minutes travel from Cagayan de Oro. In Davao we have network farmers, so please email us your specifics via so that we can match you to a proper seed/seedling supplier.

  38. Hello Sir,

    I am from Davao del Norte, how can I purchase your grafted seedlings? I have read you’re from Davao too.

    • Kindly contact this number for more inquiries 0921-322-7247

  39. Hi Sir Ben,
    Good morning po, just want to know where can I buy certified cacao seed malapit sa Tuguegarao City, Cagayan? Gusto ko po magtanim sa almost half hectare idle farm lot na partly planted ng mango, sari-saring halaman punong kahoy (not bearing fruits) located po sa Lannig, Solana, Cagayan.

    Thanks po, and God Bless!!!

    Honorio Lopez

  40. Hi Sir,

    I have not known any company here in the Philippines that can give you a certified cacao seeds. Nonetheless, if I know of someone then rest assured that we will contact you.

  41. Hi,

    How can I find buyers of the cacao seeds here in Metro Manila area? Is it also possible to engage in contract-growing??

  42. Goodmorning, I’m currently doing a research on chocolate for my thesis.

    May I ask you to answer my form regarding chocolate, its history and production. My informed consent letter and interview form is provided on the link below

    Informed Consent Letter:

    Interview form:

    I hope that you participate in my research, it will be of great help.

    Thank you!

  43. Good day’

    I just want to ask if I can inter-crop cacao with my .75 ha. area planted already by rubber with a distance of 6 x 3. Rubber is just 3 months old. How many cacao can be accommodated?

    Thank you,

    Archie S. Quiao

    • Hi,

      You can inter-crop a maximum of 250 cacao trees with your rubber base on this land area (0.75 ha)

  44. Sir/s:

    Interested in planting cacao for business. Our lot is 5 ha. in pagadian city. Only half if the area has been planted with corn (1 cycle only) while the rest were never used. In your experienced opinion, what is the best way to maximize this area? i.e. cacao intercrop with banana/etc.

    Thank you.

  45. Hi,

    I wont recommend that you will intercrop banana to cacao for one banana may overtake the area of cacao if its suckers or followers will not be properly managed. Secondly, banana may harbor fungus that may be detrimental to cacao.

    I really need to see the area for myself before giving any other opinion how to maximize it since we have lots of factors to consider when it comes to farming..

  46. Good day.

    Sir I am very interested on planting cacao. Does your seedlings (UF-18)bear fruits after 5 years? or the grafted one will bear fruit after 5 years?

    thanks and best regards.

    • Normally non-grafted UF-18 will bear fruits at the age of 4 years and grafted ones will start giving fruits/pod around 2 years..

  47. sir, helo, may trainings and seminar po ba kayo here in davao about cacao?and when if meron po?

  48. Sir Ben,

    Good day! We have a 2 hectares farm in Sorsogon planted with coconut and pili trees. Is this advisable to intercrop cacao with coconut and pili trees? How many seedlings that may possible to plant? What varieties that suitable in our geographical area?

    Thank you for your reply.


  49. Good day! Ano po ang exact address ng UF18 nursery dito sa Davao City? Meron po kayo manual/module on cacao farming? thank you very much.

  50. Good day! I have a few questions:

    1) Are unroasted cocoa beans ok to store for a long time? Does that affect taste/quality?
    2) How are cocoa beans processed into unroasted beans?
    3) Is there an ideal amount of time from roasting of beans before it is used?
    4) Are there any chocolate makers in Philippines who use local cacao?

    Thank you! Hoping for a reply.

  51. Hi ben,

    I have a farm here in bulacan, do you recommend cacao to be planted here? Considering the fact that bulacan weather is hot and humid and it seldom rains…if yes. Can you provide us cacao seed delivered here to metro manila? Thanks

  52. Hi Ben,

    Just want to ask do you recommend planting cacao seeds in Bulacan? considering the fact that Bulacan weather is hot and seldoms rain. If yes, can you provide/delivery cacao seeds here in Metro Manila area?


  53. Greetings sir!!

    Pwede ba yung cacao plants ma inter crop between lemon tree?im from lanao del norte mag kano ba yung seedlings ng cacao?saan po ba yung location nyo f ever gusto kung bumili nang seedlings..thank you..

  54. may tanim na po akong mga mahogany, mga 2/3 years old pa lang naman sila, is it advisable for intercropping?

  55. Good day sir.,
    am from Abra ,our land is mountainous with some big trees in it, not plain, slopey area could it be good to plant cacao? what variety is good? what is the distace between big tree around one the area …thanks a lot….

  56. we have a 2.75 hectare of land in quezon by the bech, is it advaisable to palnt cacao?

  57. Templar; sir ben barros,

    I am a Municipal Councilor in Senator Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat. I would like to introduce cacao farming in our municipality. i need a sample of its feasibility study, cultural management guide and target market destinations for future contracts.

    thank you so much

  58. What’s the best variety grown in the Phil?

  59. Hi, ano po ba ang mas magandang variety? UF18 po ba o W10? maraming salamat po

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